It’s time we ditched the headset.

They fall short…

Bulky Form Factor

Without an optics system directly on your eye, that technology needs to be stuffed into a headset that is large and clunky.  Comfort matters.

Socially Awkward

Let’s get real. Nobody wants to walk the streets, go to the big game or attend a conference with a large mask over their head. Headsets just aren’t useful in public settings.

Limited Field of View

Rich content is restricted in headsets that sacrifice field of view in an attempt to get smaller. Yeah, we don’t like that tradeoff either.

Eyestrain & Fatigue

When’s the last time you wore an AR / VR headset for over two hours? Your eyes start to hurt and blur and the world gets pretty dizzying. Ouch. Come on, some of the best movies are over two hours.

Introducing iOptik®, a smart contact lens
that unlocks lightweight glasses for AR / VR.

Our system pairs out iOptik®
smart contact lenses with everyday glasses.


Unlocking a new generation of
AR/VR experiences with no tradeoffs.

Eyeborne™ & Stylish

With an optics system directly on the eye, we’ve made the human AR/VR-ready, allowing the use of everyday comfortable and stylish glasses to power endless use cases.

Farewell, headsets.

Richer Content

When iOptik® smart contact lenses are paired with compatible glasses, you can enjoy an ultra-wide field of view, a transparent projection screen and next generation eye tracking technology. All of this with no tradeoffs.

Safe & Eyestrain Free

Innovega’s iOptik® contact lenses are the first FDA-vetted, medical grade, disposable, gas permeable soft lenses. No electronics in the lens itself, only in the glasses. Now you can enjoy long AR/VR experiences without eyestrain or fatigue.

Use Cases Abound

Transparent and passthrough AR as you walk through everyday life? Yes. Immersive VR that’s better than the headset? Yes. Sit on an airplane and watch a movie on your stylish glasses.  You guessed it…yes.